Sitework Issues:


Landsliding Landscapes                          Silicon Valley


An unfortunate  buyer of a ten year-old hillside home in Silicon Valley suffered significant damage to sidewalk and landscape work, but not to the house.  The Central Valley law firm representing the landscape contractor defendant retained Peter Callander for assistance in a number of areas.  After reviewing a number of depositions of the parties involved, it was clear that there were planning and building permit issues, site drainage and grading concerns, landscape and site construction issues, all spread across several contractors over an extended period of time.



Pedestrian Pavements           San Francisco Peninsula

Concrete pavements serving pedestrian uses almost always have some degree of cracking, which is acceptable and anticipated in most cases.  There are those severe situations where the cracking far exceeds the cosmetic appearance range, and may also be symptomatic of underlying problems not limited to the pavement surface design. Analyzing the diverse native soils and sub-base materials underlying these pavements are appropriate tasks for geotechnical engineers and civil engineers in collaboration with landscape architects.  Lack of appropriate analysis, design coordination and construction period follow through often result in costly replacements.




Peter Callander is an expert in landscape and site construction issues






Collaboration and appropriate analysis will keep the sidewalks walkable